Agricultural enterprise "Vazhskoe" is the main enterprise in the territory of the municipality "Blagoveshchenskoye". For more than 40 years of farming operations it has become a powerful enterprise for the production of dairy and meat products. Currently, it is one of the largest agricultural enterprises of the Arkhangelsk region, which is rapidly developing. Their successes, achievements and innovative approach to business are well known far beyond the Velsk district. The introduction of new technologies, both in animal husbandry and in plant allows achieving high results. This is evidenced by the presence of robotic milking machines and ultrasound machines, determining the pregnancy of cows and more.

  • Total cows – 2 976;
  • Yield per cow – 7 611 kg/year;
  • Average daily gain – 751 gr.

DeLaval equipment:

  • VMS - 7;
  • Feeding stations;
  • Cooling tanks;
  • Manure equipment;
  • Stalling;
  • Swinging cow brushes;
  • Ventilation panels;
  • Activity system ;
  • Barn lighting;
  • Barn lighting.