"Zam Zam Dairy Farm & Dairy Products " is in Karnataka State. The Farm has stated with 100 cows however, it is a very long vision. The Farm has various possibilities to expand the animals and equipment.

The project started in January, 2014 and it was operation in January 2015. The Farm started with 100 HF Cows. Now they have 50 Heifers ready to become cow and increase the number of milking cows.

Milking cows are kept in a four-row Free Stall Cubicle barns on Rubber mats, the young stock is housed with compost bedded/loose soil type barns. There is a special care cell/barn for Calves. Manure handling is done with front mounted tractor scraper twice a day. Further DeLaval Slurry pump is used to transfer the Manure.

Dairy Fans are installed in all the barns for ventilation. 24x7 Drinking Water supply is available through DeLaval Tip Tanks to all animals.

Milking is done in 1x6 Low Line Herringbone milking parlor (expandable to 2x6). The milk is cooled with the help of 2,000L DeLaval Bulk Milk Cooler. Farm produces 1,500L per day and milk is sold in Pouch Packing. A packing Machine is also installed in the Farm. 2,500L milk is procured from outside and packed and sold in retail.

Cows are first cooled with Cow Shower before bringing to Holding Area. Swinging Cow Brushes are installed to groom the cows. A 2-way Sort Gate is used to separate the animals for treatment or AI.

Activity Monitoring System helps to maintain the Heat Detection Rate at highest. It also helps to identify sick animals quickly to reduce cost of treatments.

TMR is used to mix and dispense the feed. DelPro Farm Manager is used as Herd Management Software. Farm has its own land of 26 Acres to cultivate feed ingredients. DeLaval Cell Counter is used to check the Somatic Cell Count and maintain milk quality. Milk is Processed and Packed in the Farm and then it is delivered to the customer.

Average milk yield per milking cow – 4,500 kg of milk per lactation. Herd size: 185. Farm area: 26 Acres.